June 29, 2010



Summer is in full gear. It sure took a while for the weather to understand that! We had the worst June on record. It even was raining the day the boys got out of school! But, ah the sun has decided to come out!

I am taking the summer off (sort of) from my business. We are so busy I am not sure how I would be able to do it anyway. Between camps, baseball, camping, bad weather - I have definitely not had the kick back days & bbq's I had envisioned! LOL

We were able to go camping (RV style) the past 3 weekends. All 3 weekends were unique and very FUN! We went to Detroit Lake with some good friends! It was free fishing day on Saturday so Larry & Greg took the boys fishing out in the boats! Unfortunately my camera lens died in mid-picture so it cut my pictures short but I did manage to get a few. It was a great weekend of relaxation with friends. eating. drinking. socializing. smores. fishing. bike riding - just what we needed!

Then we dry camped for Andrew's baseball tournament. We really enjoyed ourselves! The first night we dry camped @ the ball field and the 2nd night at Spirit Mountain Casino. The boys won 2 and lost 2 but they were good games! We got a chance to go to the casino with my parents so it was so fun!

This past weekend we went to Casey's RV park. It was one of the most beautiful RV parks! It had an awesome pool and the park is right a long the river! The boys got a chance to go fly fishing. swimming. games. bike riding. playing pool. potlucks. They loved the soft serve ice cream machine that was there :) Beautiful weather and weekend!

Now we are on to basketball camp (which the boys love) and I am trying to catch up around here. Feels good to be in summer mode! (and in 1 week my baby will be 10!)


Lynette said...

Oh Erica...this looks like magic, and brings back all the memories of our caravan camping trips with our boys when they were little. Have an amazing summer my friend.

Addie said...

Lots of good pictures! Looks like your family is really enjoying summer! We haven't gone camping yet, but hopefully soon!

AmyInKy said...

Looks like you are having a fun summer. :)

Lisa said...

Great pictures Erica! I love the slip 'n slid ones, the expressions on their faces are priceless! Hope you enjoy your summer, sounds super busy!

Melanie said...

Wow--you have been busy! It looks like you are enjoying your summer, despite the weather. We are waiting for more consistent sunshine, too. :)

So glad you are enjoying your break. It's hard to believe how big the boys are getting. Ezra is SO cute--I love his smile!

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