January 31, 2009

HI THERE 2009!!

Wow - I am SOOOO far behind? How do I catch up??

Life has been rolling by at a fast pace as usual. Between basketball, drum lessons, kits, school, homework, and so much more - I am lucky if I even take pictures!
I can't believe I never even blogged about all that snow we got in December!!! How crazy!
Here are a bunch of pictures to catch up with our family :)
We will start with the snow. The boys missed the week before their Christmas break was supposed to begin becauase of ice and snow. So they ended up with 3 1/2 weeks off! A few of the highlights of the snow were sledding down the big hill, taking walk and eating at Red Robin, going to a neighborhood christmas party while it snowed a ton outside!

We did end up going south for Christmas but it was a little sketchy getting out of here! We had a great Christmas! The boys loved it! January flew by! I am not sure what all we did but we were always busy - lol.

One exciting thing that happened during Christmas break is we got EZRA POTTY TRAINED! He is doing awesome!! He will turn 3 in April and it is so nice to avoid diapers! They were now at $42 a box at Costco!My team! This is a very rare occasion where we have the whole PersonalScrapper team together!!