March 14, 2008

What a Week!!!!!

Wow - I have had a crazy week! I should be cleaning and doing other things but I need to vent. The blog is a great way to get it off my chest.

STAPH -Sunday night Andrew told me his leg was hurting. He had a little "owie" a few weeks ago that I thought went away but now it looked infection (big time!). So the next day I took him to the dr. The Dr. tells me has a Staph infection! Gasp, Are you serious? All I have heard lately is how deadly staph infections have been with kids. He said we caught it before it got bad. We marked the redness with a pen to make sure it didn't spread. He needed to be on 2 antibiotics to fight it. He has to take 7 TEASPOONS of medicine twice a day. Do you know how hard it is to get a 7 year old to take that much medicine. But it beats him in the hospital! As of this morning, it looks like it is healing up good!

POLICE - Wednesday night I am driving to the post office with my boys. We are in a rental car this week because our van has to be completely re-painted (that is a whole other story). I hear a big bang on Ezra's door as we driving. So i pull over and check the car out. Sure enought there is a little dent in the door. SOMEONE THREW SOMETHING AT US!! So I drove back by to see if I could see anything and THEY DID IT AGAIN. We didn't see anyone. The 2nd bang was very loud and the kids were scared. At this point, I call the police. I actually saw the police car drive by to check it out. He calls me back about 30 minutes later and tells me THEY ACTUALLY CAUGHT THEM!!! Wow - we are so happy to hear that!! But now I got to deal with the door dent!

THROW UP - Aren't these fascinating topics? If you made it this far, hopefully you see why I have been a little absent from our message board and email. Last night at 12:15am, Ezra threw up EVERYWHERE! In my 8 years of being a mom, I don't think my boys have ever got that sick! Now he is feeling a little better (he's sleeping so I can actually type). He has not thrown up again and I don't think he will but he does have the dreaded diarrhea. Poor kid.

So that in a nutshell is my eventful week. I feel better now that I told my friends! Now I can clean!