May 28, 2008


WOW - where did this month go??????? Anyone else feel like their life is flying by?!
So if you are wondering where I have been (crazy, hehe), here is an idea of what the next 2 weeks have in store for me:

  • 1 Teacher Memory Yearbook for kindergarten
    1 High School Graduation Scrapbook project with Jenny (2 books actually!)
    1 All day field trip to the zoo on Friday
    4-6 baseball games
    June kits to be put together & shipped to customers :)
    June kit website updates
    10+ loads of laundry to do (as of today) - and no I am not exaggerating, my living room floor is covered!
    1 messy house to clean
    Bills to pay
    Shopping to do
    1 Camping Trip this weekend (I am very excited about it)
    Homework to help with.
    Chase after Ezra and his dumping of legos, blocks. animals, cars and of course things in the pantry!
Wow - lets get this week rolling! I have had several days of headaches - I think it is from stress. I do have some family stuff going on right now that I won't get into details about. But pray for my grandpa who has Alzheimers.

I will leave you with a few photos...