June 13, 2007

I am here - really I am !!

Yes I still am here - lol! I guess I feel like I am on sabbatical too! Larry is now off and we have been busy!! Here are some pictures from the past week.




June 6, 2007


Til what? - you may ask! It is the long awaited sabbatical for Larry. He gets 8 weeks off and Friday is his last day before it begins. We weren't sure it was really going to happen but IT IS!! Now what do we do? LOL

Well we are kicking off Sabbatical with friends! On Saturday night we are going out and are so excited about that! My mom is going to watch the boys (Thanks Mom!) and we can go and play! We have to wait til June 20th to go anywhere because Andrew is still in school. Things on our sabbatical list: trip to California, Seattle (with Heidi & Sid) and Idaho (to see Rick & Crystal!). We also plan on lots of house projects both inside and out! The thing we are most excited about is taking it one day at a time and being spontaneous. If we wake up in the mood to go to the beach, we'll go!!!

CONGRATULATIONS LARRY! You have worked so hard for this! I am so proud of you and excited for our family!!!!

June 4, 2007

Ezra is Walking!

He has been walking for the past 2 weeks but really is getting into it now. I love how he holds his hands up in the air for balance! He gets so proud of himself and giggles. He also waves and says bye bye (although it sounds like dada). I took him to the grocery store tonight and he knows where the free cookies are and wanted the cart that he could drive the little car. I can't believe how much he is growing up! He is such a cutie - of course I am biased because I am his mommy but boy is he adorable!!! Here are a few pictures of our little guy who is now 14 MONTHS OLD TODAY!

Walking in his new shoes!
Getting into Laundry!

He loves his brothers so much!