January 28, 2008


The beauty of Snow.

There are nothing like snow pictures. We got a chance to get away for the weekend with our good friends. We had a great time Tubing (but it was too hard to get pics), eating, watching movies, and even a trip to an indoor pool. The next day we got a TON of snow so everyone had a blast playing in the snow. I practiced with my new speed-lite for the camera. It brightened up a lot of the pictures! I have a lot to learn but love playing with my camera. Here are some photos:

Larry, Ezra and I during tubing:

Cameron is so fun to take pictures of!
Andrew and Brendan (Andrew is missing his top 2 teeth but they are already coming in)
Justin enjoying some new snowflakes!Oscar LOVED the snow (even though it was deeper than him in some spots).
Ezra laughing with Oscar by his side (of course!) Daddy and Cameron..Carmen and I had fun with all of our boys!
Loved the contrast of the flag and the snow!

January 18, 2008

Ezra is growing up so fast!

Well all my boys are growing faster than I could imagine! But today marked a new event for Ezra. He is joining a playgroup at a local church school. It is called Mommy's Day out and he goes there and plays games, sings, has recess and 2 snacks. I think it is going to work out well for both of us. I can do my work during that time while he has fun with kids his own age. I am super excited for him but also a little sad that he really is no longer a baby!

This is for CaRRie and her daughter Syd's love of Elmo. For the past months Ezra has loved Elmo. It is the one show he will watch and he got lots of Elmo stuff at Christmas. Day after Christmas he traded Elmo in for........ Barney! Now he cries if I put in Elmo and cheers for Barney! Kids are so funny!
He loves his Oscar. Here he is walking him at the park:and cuddling in bed at night!

January 6, 2008

The holidays are over! But we had fun!

My favorite gift: Handknit stockings with our names on them from my Grammie Arden in Massachusetts!!!

We had a great Christmas. The highlight was watching the joy in the kids faces :) We really had hoped to go to the snow but it was really rainy and not the best weather. We had LOTS of family time over the holiday and we all enjoyed it! After shipping kits out, I can finally breathe again and hope to post a little more. I am separating the business and personal blog so that they each have their own focus :)