August 22, 2008

Our new friend - Lion Cub!

** I wrote this post in August but it never posted - lol**

We have had a great relaxing week! Here are a few highlights from our trip to the Game Park. We got to hold an actual lion cub. He was soooo cute and playful. The boys also got to pet a black panther kitten! I can't wait to scrap these!!! It is so nice to have so much family time. I will always treasure this!!

August 19, 2008


We are having a FANTASTIC summer! Instead of planning a vacation far away, we have chose to do lots of weekend trips in the RV. It is relatively inexpensive (except when we add in some extras like a jet boat cruise!

We got to go camping for 3 nights with our friends. Wow - what a great time we had! Some
of the highlights included:

  • Fishing in a pond
  • Playing on the beach for hours
  • Riding bikes, playing football, playing dominos
  • JET BOAT cruise!!! This was awesome! We saw wildlife and got to get wet!
  • Campfire at the beach with smores & hot chocolate
  • Lots of good time with 3 GREAT families

Together there were 18 of us (8 adults, 10 kids). Here are a few pictures from our trip:

August 11, 2008

Summer...Seattle...and more

What a week we had last week! This summer has again been a family-fun filled summer. I know we have created so many memories that we will all remember for years to come (of course I have documented these with TONS of photos!!! I will slowly catch up on here someday.

For now, here are a few pics from our quickie trip to Seattle! What a blast we had!

August 8, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Cameron

6 years ago today, this little guy was born:

Here he is now: Wow - it has already been a month since I blogged! I have been super busy with my family (thats a good thing!!). When school starts, I will be on a more normal routine. Today was a special day though, my son is now 6!!

He is such a great kid! He is a very helpful and thoughtful! We have a lot of fun together! He has no fear - it is amazing he hasn't got hurt more! He is always game to go on the biggest and scariest rides (although his height limits him sometimes). He loves to build legos and this summer has really learned how to swim! He even passed the swim test at camp last week - Woohoo~ I am so happy to have Cameron in my life. He is so special and we love him so much! He is very close to both of his brothers. The older boys are pretty much inseparable and Cameron can always get Ezra to laugh. Thank you God for giving me these boys!!!

Happy Birthday Cameron!