March 19, 2010

Our Vacation - Day 1

Hard to believe its been a few months since I posted any pictures!

We had a great opportunity to take our kids to California for 5 days. We had a great theme-park trip. It wasn't necessarily a relaxing vacation but it was so much fun!!!!

The anticipation was a lot of fun for all of us! It gave us something to look forward to! Ezra could not wait to ride the "hairplane". Although once he got on it and we had turbulence, he changed his mind!

We flew on a Friday night, got our rental car and went to our hotel. The next day, it was supposed to rain. We called Legoland and got no answer so we drove an hour to get there. As we pull up, the Legoland had a big CLOSED sign! We couldn't believe a little rain would close the whole park down (we are from Oregon so we are used to rain!). So we turned around and went with a new plan, Knotts Berry Farm.

We had a great time there. It rained a little but overall we just had a great time! The boys were able to do big rollercoasters!

Speaking up for my kids at school!

This is just a reminder for all parents of kids in school - you can make a difference!

I have a 4th grader and 2nd grader (and preschooler). Overall I have been pretty happy with how their school experience is going. There are things (just like any place) that i wish were better but I have always taken the approach of just sitting back and sometimes complaining.

I really realized this week - that I can't sit back and complain in the background. I need to go to school meetings to see what plans are. I need to advocate for my children if the need be. I need to be involved. I try to go into their classrooms to help but it is really hard (with an almost 4 year old).

This week - my stepping up and speaking up - I made a difference in my son's school experience and I am proud of that :) :)

I also am going to help with the yearbook. Its not that I have extra time but its because I want to help be involved!

Feeling good and optimistic - now time for SPRING BREAK!!!