March 19, 2010

Speaking up for my kids at school!

This is just a reminder for all parents of kids in school - you can make a difference!

I have a 4th grader and 2nd grader (and preschooler). Overall I have been pretty happy with how their school experience is going. There are things (just like any place) that i wish were better but I have always taken the approach of just sitting back and sometimes complaining.

I really realized this week - that I can't sit back and complain in the background. I need to go to school meetings to see what plans are. I need to advocate for my children if the need be. I need to be involved. I try to go into their classrooms to help but it is really hard (with an almost 4 year old).

This week - my stepping up and speaking up - I made a difference in my son's school experience and I am proud of that :) :)

I also am going to help with the yearbook. Its not that I have extra time but its because I want to help be involved!

Feeling good and optimistic - now time for SPRING BREAK!!!

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Melanie said...

Good for you, Erica! I am a believer of speaking up, too. It can make a big difference. Keep it up :)