January 8, 2010

January is here!

I am so excited about this upcoming year! I am heading into 2010 with a positive outlook! I have 3 beautiful, healthy boys, a wonderful husband that has been by my side for almost 19 years, and lots of family & friends!

I am not making particular New Year's Resolutions. I have been making little mental notes for the past several months over things I want to change or do a better job of. This doesn't mean I wait for January 1 to make those changes.

I am working hard on being better orgazined. I am making progress, I am not perfect but it is better! LOL. I am getting a better handle on our laundry (thanks to some beautiful large capacity machines). Laundry is a big one when you have 3 boys (especially 2 that regulary love to participate in sports). Our washer died adn I think it was a blessing. I can't believe that I can fit almost twice the load in my machine. This frees up time for other things. (I do still have the same amount to fold though!)

I have been on a reading kick lately. After high school, I worked in the library for 2 summers and I worked in our college library for 4 years. I have always loved books and feel blessed to be able to read pretty fast. After I had my first son, I sort of put reading aside. When I started scrapbooking, I barely read any books! I am learning to balance! I am going to try reading AT the gym and so far it is working good (plus I soooooooo need the gym).

I am motivated to scrapbook again! I have lots of pictures waiting to be scrapped! I will never be done but I love to scrap whatever I am in the mood to scrap!

Not sure if anyone reads this BUT i started this blog for me and have no expectations for anyone else! It is fun to get comments though. I hope to do a better job of updating it so that our little family can look back on it! I hope to not use it as a vent session. My husband is always the best listener for that type of stuff.

Wouldn't be a proper post without a picture so here are a few from when my niece and sister-in-law came up last weekend!
Happy New Year!!!!


Addie said...

Happy New Year Erica! I'm still reading your blog! In the last 10 months I've had 2 problems with my washer and a friend of our's comes over and fixes them. Very nice of him, but this last time I pulled him aside and said 'one of these times, you will not be able to fix my machine so I can get a new, bigger one, RIGHT?' He got the hint!
I've been reading more this last year. I always take a book on road trips and I've been reading every night before bed. I love reading! I'm working my way thru the Stephanie Plum books.
Hoping to find more time to scrap this year too!

AmyInKy said...

Good luck meeting all of your goals! ;)

Lynette said...

I loved reading this...always want to know the lady behind this awesome kit club. It is okay to vent here as well...you will find that you will get a lot of support.

Keianna said...

Thanks for checking in on my blog. We are super excited about her upcoming arrival and of course I am super nervous :-)