December 15, 2008

Teeth, Glasses & Good Ol' Scrapbooking

We had a few new "FIRSTS" for our big boys this past week.

FIRST of all, Cameron lost his FIRST tooth. This tooth has been loose for awhile and it is out! He could not wait to show everyone his new smile! Ezra was excited to put his tooth under the pillow with him! They were both giddy with excitment (not sure Ezra really knew why though!). Then Andrew came and joined in on the fun:

Here is his mugshot:

Andrew has new glasses. We found out that he is nearsided and can't see very well at a distance so he got glasses this past week. He loves them and was thrilled at how well he could see when he got them. He said it was the best day ever! It is amazing that last year he passed his eye test and this year failed. Their eyes can change so fast!

All i have to say is.... Like Father, Like son!
We also have our FIRST snow this week. We kept hearing that we are getting snow but we don't believe it til we see it. We were able to go play in it on Sunday. Today was very icy and no more snow. The boys have not had school and I don't think they will have school at all this week. On Wednesday we are supposed to be getting more snow! 3-6 inches! I hope to get better pictures then! Hopefully we will survive a 3 week Christmas break!!

WE are having a ONLINE CROP over at Over the past few days in between shopping, snow days, laundry, etc., I have been able to do 5 layouts so far:

December 4, 2008

What happened on December 4, 1992??

December 4th - just your average day right???!!

Well for me, December 4th does mean something! 16 years ago, my dh proposed to me! We were freshmen in college at WOU. We knew when we started dating our senior year of high school that we were meant to be together. It almost like a formality to wait to get married! We were a little nervous about college but I think people around us were more nervous! There are so many life changes that happen in college. But for us it only strengthened our bond and made us want to succeed TOGETHER! So on a cold night in 1992, Larry proposed to me in front of the State Capitol building. It didn't matter where he did it, I was going to say YES! He even called my mom before he proposed to get her "blessing"!

I was so proud to walk around that college campus with my new ring on! We got married after our sophomore year and even took most of our business classes together! I feel so FORTUNATE that we found each other so young. We have experienced so many things together - high school graduation, college, our wedding, college graduation, first jobs, first apartments, first house, trips, weddings, funerals - but most importantly we had our 3 boys - who have been the most AMAZING part of our journey together! We have everything we have ever wanted and I am so thankful for that!

So here is too many more memories together and a lifetime together! I LOVE YOU LARRY!

December 2, 2008

Back to blogging!

OK, I serious am bad about blogging! I think about it all the time, in fact I write blog posts in my head - LOL!!! We had a great time hanging out with all our family!!! We got to hang out, eat, shop Black Friday (its tradition!), and even go to the movies!

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving. I am going to have to see if I got any of Cameron and I - lol! I mainly got the camera out when we went outside.
I was tagged by my friend Carrie to give 7 random facts
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7 random facts:

1. I must lock my van several times before I go anywhere
2. I hate earwax
3. I love milk in my ice cream
4. I can't sing but I love music!
5. I married my high school sweetheart (although we went to different high schools).
6. I don't delete my photos and I take thousands.
7. I had to give a speech at my college graduation for winning a presigious award but the irony is that I waited til my last term of college to take the speech class needed to graduate.

November 20, 2008

Cameron's Soccer pictures...

Better late than never (especially since he has been in basketball for a few weeks - lol). Larry got to coach Cameron which turned out great! Cameron worked super hard and was awesome on the field! It was fun to watch when I wasn't chasing Ezra! Andrew did a great job of helping watch Ezra during the games.
We had a fantastic soccer party at the end of the season! Steve & Ericka made a phenomenal soccer photo book (and you know how I am with photos). They also made each of the kids trading cards that the team loved!!! It was a great end to a very fun season!

November 11, 2008

Soccer Mom

What a fun soccer season! Andrew and Cameron both worked really hard on their teams. We are so proud of them. They both were determined to hustle after the ball! I never knew that I would really live the term "soccer mom" but I do! I drive a mini-van and I love watching them play their sports. It definitely is time consuming but great to see them compete! Now on to basketball........

I have had problems uploading pictures for 2 days so I just decided to upload these ones of Andrew now and do Cameron's in a new post!

November 3, 2008

the Portland Bridges!

Ok, so I have some inspiration to do more blogging!My friend Kelly is trying to do a blog post a day in November. While I doubt I can do that, I can definitely do a lot more than I have been (2 a month).

Today I had an awesome opportunity to go on a field trip with my son Andrew's 3rd grade class. This was an all day field trip where we went to downtown Portland where they have been studying bridges. Portland has a ton of awesome bridges! We were able to get a tour by a lady who has wrote a book about the Portland bridges.

I had an awesome time with Andrew and the kids! We were able to go on the Morrison bridge and even go underneath to see how the draw bridge goes up and go in the operating booth! We also went to ODOT and saw how the keep track of traffic with over 160 cameras in the Portland metro area. The highlight for the kids was getting a chance to ride the new tram! I had a great time!

Thanks to my friends Jenny's (2 of them) for watching Ezra so I could spend the day with Andrew!

November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

So Halloween has gone by! We had a great time! Both of the older boys had parties at school and so we split our time and went to both! We got to go trick or treating with lots of neighbors and friends! I can't believe how much candy I have to avoid now! Introducing....
Guitar Hero? More like Drum Hero!
Scary Skeleton Thomas... although right before we went trick or treating he wanted to wear last year's dog costume!
I went as my little Guitar Hero's Mom!
The "Gang" Ok, he is faster than a speeding bullet (just kidding). But it was really hard to get a picture of Oscar standing still but here he is in his cute little weiner costume!

October 14, 2008

More pictures!

My 3 cuties on the way to the park:
Ezra and his little Oscar. Me and my grandma. I hope I look this good at 82!!!!!
We got away for a weekend with no kids and just some friends in our RV - we had a blast!!

Hey maybe i will really start to post more! Here are a few recent photos: