November 3, 2008

the Portland Bridges!

Ok, so I have some inspiration to do more blogging!My friend Kelly is trying to do a blog post a day in November. While I doubt I can do that, I can definitely do a lot more than I have been (2 a month).

Today I had an awesome opportunity to go on a field trip with my son Andrew's 3rd grade class. This was an all day field trip where we went to downtown Portland where they have been studying bridges. Portland has a ton of awesome bridges! We were able to get a tour by a lady who has wrote a book about the Portland bridges.

I had an awesome time with Andrew and the kids! We were able to go on the Morrison bridge and even go underneath to see how the draw bridge goes up and go in the operating booth! We also went to ODOT and saw how the keep track of traffic with over 160 cameras in the Portland metro area. The highlight for the kids was getting a chance to ride the new tram! I had a great time!

Thanks to my friends Jenny's (2 of them) for watching Ezra so I could spend the day with Andrew!


Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey Erica,

It was fun to catch up on your blog. I love you and your Guitar Hero boys. I will have to show that pic to Dallin tomorrow-he will love it! What a cool field trip to learn about the bridges. They are truly magnificent. Jeff would love to learn about how traffic works!

You have a beautiful family. I enjoy getting to know you better through blogging and in person. Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

EmmaJ said...

What beautiful pictures! Portland is the most beautiful city and I miss visiting it.

Carrie Postma said...

what a COOL field trip! Did you see one of the bridges got stuck this morning? Good thing you guys went yesterday!

JoyNJesus said...

How fun! Looks like you had a wonderful time! What a blessing to be able to be there for you kids! The pictures are wonderful and I love that you get to enjoy the fall in the changing trees! Great memories!