April 9, 2010

Easter & Big 4 year old birthday!

Wow - 3 times in one week!! :) I want to blog a little more instead of once every 2 months.

We had a great weekend. We celebrated Ezra's 4th birthday! He turned 4 on 4/4 which also was Easter. We went to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday with a few friends. He had so much fun!

My favorite photos are the ones of the boys hugging him on his birthday. I love their brotherly bond!!! We are so lucky!

April 7, 2010

Blog Chain - Passing it along...

Mel - has tagged me in a blog chain where we answer questions about ourselves and send it to 5 bloggers.

10 Things that make me happy

1. When my 3 boys are happy
2. My husband of almost 16 years :) We have LOTS and LOTS of memories
3. Sunshine
4. RV trips
5. A good book and quiet time
6. Diet Mountain Dew & Starbucks
7. A good photograph and scrapbook pages
8. Tulips and pretty much all other flowers :)
9. Weekends with the family
10. Hanging out with friends and family

5 Pieces of Trivia (that you may or may not know)
1. I grew up as an only child but became a sister at 21
2. I wear a size 11 shoe now (was a 10 before the babies)
3. I have naturally curly hair (which can get old at times)
4. I have a blood disorder called Von Willebrands
5. I can't stand it when people screen their calls.

I am tagging these 5 people:
1. Carrie
2. Corinne
3. Amy
4. Addie
5. Jessica

April 6, 2010

I guess I never got a chance to post more about our vacation - LOL

We got the chance to spend 3 days at Disneyland/California Adventure and 1 day at Legoland! We also made a little trip to the beach on one of the mornings before Disney even opened!
It was a great theme-park trip and I know all 5 of us had lots of fun!