May 18, 2010

4th Grade Rockstars

Wow - its been over a month again! I should have more time soon! As announced on the PersonalScrapper blog, I will be taking 2 months off this summer to spend it with my boys!! I am looking forward to just being able to focus on them and have fun!

I wanted to share this video of my son Andrew and his friend Julian. They are musicians! They wanted to try out for school talent show so they got together to "jam". This video is from their 4th time playing together (now they have done 5). I am so extremely proud of them both! They are driven and passionate about music. I think it is hard to believe that they are just in the 4th grade. Please leave a comment!

4th Grade Rockstars

You can also find this on youtube and type in 4th Grade Rockstars!


Melanie said...

Super cool! These guys are great :)

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