May 28, 2007

Daddy's Weekend!

Wow - It has already been a week since I blogged. It was a crazy busy week (as usual).

This weekend Larry took the boys on their annual Memorial Day camping trip with friends. They had a blast! They got to go on a long bike ride, go swimming, and it even snowed! I had the weekend to hang out with Ezra - so of course I did some shopping, scrapping and hanging with friends!

I did 10 layouts this weekend and one of them was this one:

Larry is an awesome father! I know the boys love doing things with him! He loves hanging out with them when he gets home from work and gets bummed out when they have to go to bed! Even Ezra called Larry on his play phone while he was gone and said "dada". It was very cute! I am just so proud to watch him be such a great dad! I feel blessed for myself and our kids! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leah said...

what a great tribute to Larry as a father! Are you saving that for Father's Day?

*corinne* said...

**Well it must have been so nice to have the house to yourself and "scrap till ya drop" Great layout by the way. You such a precious family!

Mama2Cami said...

Beautiful LO. It sounds like the boys had a great time with Larry, what a cool tradition. I'm sure you love it too ;-)

Heidi said...

I bet Larry loves that LO! Glad they had fun and you got so much scrappin done!!

M&M said...

Your family is so cute! It is fun to see Larry with the boys. He is very good with them. Amazing job on getting 10 layouts done. That's great!