April 18, 2007

St. Louis Baby!!!

Yes, Carmen and I are back from our trip to St. Louis. We actually were in Illinois most of the trip but did make it to St. Louis for a little sight seeing!

Thursday - We left around 2pm to begin our journey. We ALMOST missed our plane and to top it off I accidentally left a pair of scissors in my carry-on (oops) so it took a little longer. We finally arrived to St. Louis around 10:00pm (their time). We picked up our car at a very deserted looking Enterprise Rent a car and drove to our hotel (about 30 minutes away). We ended up going to Steak n Shake for a bite at 11:30. This was our inside joke the whole trip.

Friday - We met Kara (Martinimom) for coffee with her friend. After coffee, we hit the CK show for a little bit. It was really crowded. We then made our way to an Archiver's and then got ready for the show. We had a blast Friday night. The crowd was lively and everyone was so friendly!!

Saturday - We went to the Arch. It was a great experience!! Despite the rain we were able to see a lot. We rode a tiny little car that goes inside the arch (only 5 seats). It goes to the top and you can look out these little windows. The arch is 630 feet in the air. After that we had lunch, rested and then did the show Saturday night. We had a blast!!!!

Sunday - Up at 4:30am (2:30 our time) to get on the plane. Great trip - Great memories - New members !


carrie*postma said...

FUN pictures! and holy high arches Batman!!!!!

Mariandale said...

very nice photos :)

Anonymous said...

great pictures! Wow that arch really is up there isn't it??!!

Addie said...

You got some great pictures! Cool that you took in some of the sights along with the show. I had no idea you go up in the arch, how neat!

EmmaJ said...

Looked like a fun trip!

Heidi said...

Looks like fun! Great pics!!

Kimberly said...

Ohhhh...these photographs just show the GOOD TIMES you girls had! LOVE thi! YAY for new members too! xoxo