April 9, 2007

Had a Bad Day?

Ever have a bad day? Sure everyone has! Today I had one and I am glad the day is almost over. It is one of those days where I have a huge list of things to do but have to put out so many fires that my list seems to get longer. I did cry a few times today but at the end of the day and several prayers, I have told myself to cheer up. Life could be a lot worse! I have a healthy family, a home and friends -these are all things that do make me cheer up.

Blogging is funny. Even if no one ever reads my blog, it feels better to share news (good, bad and boring). It is a way to vent!

On a good note, my 6 year old went to Good Friday service with us. After we left, we were a little worried they were too young for it. But today I realized that he went with us for a purpose. They had an interactive part where we did things at each station (i missed most of it because Ezra was not doing well in the nursery) but we got to a part where we wrote on a stone, things that we need to let go of and work on. For him, we wrote down holding a grudge. Today he brought it up again and is working really hard on not doing that. He has learned a lot for Jesus! I am so thankful for that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry your day wasn't sunny!! Tomorrow's a new day and it will be better!!
That is so wonderful what Andrew took from the service Friday...it's amazing how much they can really absorb and understand at this age! Have a GOOD night!! :)

Heidi said...

Sorry about your bad day! :( So glad to hear Andrew learned a lot from the service. It was meant to be.

carrie*postma said...

I am praying for you Friend! I know things are crazy right now, but there is a rainbow at the end! What a blessing about Andrew. God meets us right where we are...even at age 6!

Kell said...

Hoping today is better!

Kimberly said...

Awww....I have definitely had bad days...and I hate reading that you had one like this to cause you to crumble and cry...(((hugs))) to you and I hope everything has turned around for you!
Love YOU!