April 29, 2008

Playing catchup!

Where have I been for the last month? After Ezra's birthday, he was sick for a couple of weeks. It was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG month! He is definitely doing much better now.
The boys have started baseball and we have 4 games a week until early June.
Here are some recent pictures:
New Haircut:

Ezra & Barney

The Boys & Their Lego creations: Cameron rght before the home run!


Star said...

We will be starting baseball soon, my first year, at least I will get some cute pics in helmets too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica

How great to come across your blog. Now I not only receive your amazing kits. I can actually get to know you a little better.

Lynette Jacobs
South Africa

Jess Stevens said...

I can not believe how quick your boys are growing up, they are all so handsome!

:corinne: said...

Wow the boys are getting so big. I think I say that every blog post with pics...but seriously...every time you post a pic...they just seem to get more older looking. Love all the pics! Hope you're doing well!

Karen said...

wow erica, i can't believe how big the boys are getting, especially ezra, the baby in him is gone!!! time goes by way too fast!