February 23, 2008

The little things....

I have had a lot of stress lately between business and being sick! I just want to feel 100% and have everything go smoothly - lol

Well this morning we all got up early (actually we get up early every day of the week - hehe) and went for a LONG walk. We walked over to our park and took Oscar to the dog run and then along the river, through the woods (sounds like a song!). All of us enjoyed it so much! Our cat Buster even followed us the whole way.

When we were near the end of the trip, checking out some bluejays and the view of the river from the forest, Andrew said "I wish you had your camera mom!". It was just awesome that they were enjoying this as much as we were and wanted to capture it!

There is absolutely nothing in the world better than having some quiet time with my family. It always gives me a fresh perspective!

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EmmaJ said...

That is a beautiful story! I hope that you are feeling more better today