October 1, 2007

Our baby is growing up!

Our little Ezra will turn 18 months this week -where did the time go? He looks and acts like a little boy now! No more baby...

Last night he slept in his own bed. For several reasons we never used a crib with our boys but usually around 18 months they were ready for the their own bed! We have set it up in our room and he did a great job! He was so excited to get in it. I am sure it will wear off but glad it he likes it so far!

He loves getting in the car with daddy before he leaves for work!
After a date night, we came home and the babysitter said he fell asleep and the cat got up there and laid with him!
He loves to play outside!
This is a dog we met at the park that he loved! He kept hugging the dog!
He is full of energy but a lot of fun! I am so happy we have Ezra in our family!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie he is!! I can't believe how big he is already, the time has just flown by!!

Addie said...

He has grown so fast! Where did the time go? He is so cute with that blonde hair!

Carrie said...

Your Ezra loves doggies and my daughter thinks she's a kitty. I love the picture of him playing outside!

Mama2CnC said...

he is so adorable, I can't believe he's in his own bed!

Mary said...

He is so stinkin' cute its beyond words